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Re: potty training 2 year old daughter

I started my little one at 18 months, she is 25 months old now and still doesn't tell me when she needs to use the potty. She sits there patiently and will use the potty, but does not tell me she needs to go, she pees her diaper or panties when she's wearing them.


How did I get her to use the potty? This is what I did, and she eventually caught on. As soon as she wakes up from sleep or a nap, put her on the potty. don't wait a minute or two, put her on AS SOON AS she wakes up. She might be a little cranky at first because she just woke up. Work through that, she will use the potty as soon as she wakes up, put her on there even if her diaper is wet. Turn on the water the first few times, once she uses it after sleep time, she will catch on. This worked for me, it worked for my mom when we were babies.


I hope this helps. Sometimes my daughter sits there for 10-15 minutes. I give her a book or her leappad for entertainment. The key to success, is when she does finally use it. scream and hollar in joy, praise her. Make it a big deal, she will like that and be willing to use it.