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Irrational Fear of Baths
I have twin 2 and a half year old girls (along with a 4 year old boy) and for the last 2 years both girls have loved baths. I don't however do long drawn out playtime baths because it would take over an hour to run 3 baths like that! We go in wash and get out. But all of a sudden one of the girls screams and cries and tells me "No bath!" Every time I try to give her one..The whole time she's in there she cries. Is this normal that for no apparent reason she has an irrational fear or at least hate of the bath. I'm not sure what to do at this point; they take baths every 3rd day since it's winter and we are inside. She watches her sister with her bath and even splashes the water at her..but when it's her turn the trouble begins. I don't want her to suffer but she has to bathe...
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