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Re: potty training 2 year old daughter
I tried the having her sit on the potty every 30 mins, but that didn't work. We had a potty seat in my parents living room when we first started, hoping that if she saw it she would want to go, that didnt work either. So one day I decided that when I sent her to daycare I was just gonna throw her into it; sent her in big girl panties and about 4 changes of clothes. She a few accidents that, but I haven't put a diaper on her since. She refused to put one on saying "Mommy diapers are yucky, I am a big girl, I wear big girl panties like you now!" When she is playing I have to ask her if she has to go and if she says no and she doing her squirmy potty dance, I tell her that if she peepees in her panties that she isn't allowed to play anymore, which works very well because she then will run into the bathroom and go all by herself. I recommend "throwing" them into the no diaper thing if nothing else seems to work. She didnt like having wet clothes on (and she doesn't like her clothes dirty, so I thought that is approach would work with her).
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