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Re: Punishment

For starters, can you personally remember a time where you felt really scared? Even if it was a nightmare and you woke up and felt thankful that it wasn't real and you were able to snuggle up to your spouse. Kids deserve that safe feeling all the time and much as possible, without parents creating intentional fear to make a point, and really THEIR point.  You say that typically your son is a good listener.  Yet at times he will forget. Do you think that it's abormal for a 5 year old to forget?  Have you as an adult never forgotten?  Have you also ever made a promise to your child and not followed through?  Have you said one thing and then poo pooed it off and had to explain to you child, it can't happen now- sorry buddy?  If this is acceptable/undertsnable behavior for you as an adult, why is a 5 year old child that is still learning and new to this world not allowed the same resepct?  Can you iimagine what the child feels and is thinking when a parent says, " If you do bad again, I will leave you like this, so if you want mom and dad, listen and remember what mom and dad says?".  It leaves a message alright. Not the one you want to leave, though.  It's good that you reconize that you were angry and reacted poorly.  It happens to all of us, but we can change and minimize this.  http://www.ahaparenting.com/_blog/Parenting_Blog/post/When_Your_Child_Makes_You_Want_To_Scream/