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Baby Gate for Stairs with Cats

Good Morning All!


I am a dad of twin girls, they are 11 months old and starting to get into everything.  Our house is too small for them but can't move at this time so we are baby-proofing everything.  The girls bedroom is upstairs and we have a single staircase.  We also have 2 cats which have their litter box upstairs in another room so they need to go upstairs whenever they need to.  My problem is that I need a baby gate for the top of my stairs so that the cats can come and go as they please but the girls can't get through the gate.  I have looked all over and the only gates I can find with a pet door the door is too big and kids can get through them.  I am sure someone has been in this boat, can anyone recommend a baby gate with a pet door that kids can't get through??