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The spank debate...
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I know we all have our own opinions on spanking vs. not spanking.  I have a different type of question...What do you do when one parents feels different than the other because of how they were raised?  What about blended families?  We are a blended family and my husband believes in spanking but I, however, do not because of things that stem from my own childhood.  I have 2 children and he has 1 child.  My children do not get spanked but he's considering starting to spank his own child again because of things that have been going on behavior-wise with him.  My stepson's Mom also will spank when my stepson is with her.  We have joint custody so he spends one week with us and one week with his Mom.


I do wish we were in agreement and the same discipline applied for all three children but this is not an issue I'm willing to budge on.  He has pulled back and not spanked his son since we've been married because of my feelings but now we are revisiting the subject.


Thoughts, advice?

~ Christine ~
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