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Re: Punishment
I work with defiant children for my career but what makes me qualified to help you is the simple fact that I am a mother of a 5 year old and know exactly what your going through. Kids thrive on praise and rewards! For the next 14 days focus on the good things your son is doing. When he does pick up his toys, when he does listen make a big deal. Immediately reward him with something you know he loves. Could be stickers, hugs, a small candy, food. Whatever he decides he wants as reward make sure he gets it immediately after the good behaviour. The other key to this is consistency! VERY important. Don't give up to soon or else it won't work. When his behaviour is inappropriate, let him know his behaviour was not good and let him set out for 2 minutes. (No longer) try to stay calm. The key is to spend more time emphasizing his good behaviour and you will see his bad behaviour lesson. Keep in mind he is 5 years old and as part of his natural development he will engage in age appropriate mischief. Give this a try!
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