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My son is a 5 yr old. He is a good listener but sometimes he doesn't listen and doesn't remember whatever we say. So I want to make him remember with some fear. Last Sunday, in this cold winter, I took him to a shopping complex and since he did some bad at that time I left him alone outside the complex, I came to my car and after few mins I went back to him and said if you do bad again I will leave you like this, so if you want your mom and dad, listen and remember what mom and dad says. I know I shouldn't have dealt like that but due to anger at that time I did like that. How to give punishments for toddlers? We tried to give him timeout, asked to put like toys in a bin and if he does good then only he can take from the bin kind of things. But still he doesn't remember few things even though we tell him everyday not to do that. How to deal for such situations? How to make him remember certain things that are important to learn?
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