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Re: potty training 2 year old daughter
I have three kids, my oldest son was potty trained at 14 months with success in one week. My daughter was 16months and accident free during the night 18months. I used the same method with both.. Since month 8 I would take them with me to the restroom and sit them in their potty chair. I would tell them mommy is pipi or popo... And sometimes they would go. Big party when that happen.. when ready to start, I bought underwear, sit them first thing morning and after each meal... Sometimes inbetween but asking them all the time. Beverly sat them too long.. if nothing was coming out, oh well.....I carried my potty chair everywhere....movies, Walmart, park etc for a month or so...my son NEVER had an accident. My daughter maybe 4 times and because she would hold it longer to avoid stop playing....
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