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Re: Picky Eater- by picky I mean…..

Oh good, I'm glad you didn't take it wrong. :smileyvery-happy:  It really is wild all the food phases kids can go through.  Including times when they seem to hardly eat at all.  That one always freaked me out. I think as long as you keep doing what your doing and always have a variety of foods avaidable, will your best bet. Maybe also depending on where you live, visiting local farms where you can pick your own stuff might be cool.  My kids grew up with a garden for the first 5 years of their life. I could not keep them out of it.  They just copied us and picked raw food and ate away.  This is no miracle answer by any means as kids do go through all kinds of phases, but at least cooking with him and having him help with picking out food items on many levels keeps him engaged with food on a positive level.  As long as he sees the healthy role modeling from you, he will most likely grow out of this picky stage. On a side note, sometimes I can't believe the advice dr.s will give when it comes to food.  lol  Carnation is so sweet and to start a very young child and their developing tastebuds on that is weird to me. If you ever get food advice like that again, check out a good health food store and ask some seasoned employees about an alternitive.  I'm not talking a suggestion of an arsenal of supplements either.  Often there are healthier substitues that will still meet the needs, but without all the sugar and other questionable ingrediants. :smileyhappy: