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Re: Picky Eater- by picky I mean…..
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I don't take that as rude :smileyhappy:  I asked for the input, afterall.  I re-read my original post and wasn't fully clear on all that he ate, it was basic "average" types of foods I was referring to, the typical kid cuisine so to speak.  I have tried something like the monkey platters before, and I definitely will try them more often, It's an awesome idea that I forget about :/  In the beginning he didn't eat like this though, he loves helping me cook, he just won't try any of it.  I made pureed fruit and veggies for his cereal and he ate cheerios, finger sized ravioli, (he still loves peanut butter and rice crackers), etc.  I think that alot of it is because he eats out with one of his grandmothers once a week and most of the food I mentioned is the majority of what is offered in those settings, but maybe I just don't try hard enough.  I hate his diet and I detest the carnation, but his Dr was the one who suggested it because of his obstinance with trying new things.  I sincerely appreciate the suggestions, anything helps right now.