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Re: My daughter hasn't started to talk, please help me find a way to get her to talk
My daughter is 25 months. She doesn't use a whole lot of words either. She chatters constantly but rarely is there a understandable word in there. She can say "mommy" and "daddy" but only uses them when she is upset. She now uses "yes" and "watch" and after using the word "up" every time I pick her up for the last year I now have heard her say it once. She also occasionally will say the word "kitty" and "sissy" but other than that that's it. She has made improvement since her younger sister was born in September but she still has a ways to go. Her doctor has suggested that if she hasn't improved in a few months that we put her in speech therapy. But he also has said that she follows the pattern of speech when she chatters and that's a good sign. She just might need a little bit more time. I am personally of the belief that she will use more words when she is ready. I also think not being the "baby" any more is helping. She doesn't have mommy and daddy's undivided attention anymore so she has to figure out how to communicate with us to get what she wants, which she is doing.
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