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Re: My daughter hasn't started to talk, please help me find a way to get her to talk

My daughter is 30 months and at 13 months she had zero words, no Mama, Dad, Hi, Bye....nothing.  We contacted early intervention at 13 months she had her first eval at almost 15 months and started speech therapy through them.  The therapist comes to our house and works with her.  Would also go to her daycare if she were in daycare.  There is no cost to us.  It's done thru our county public school system.  She now is on track for speech but they are working on her enunciation and pronunciation.  I don't recommend waiting.  If there is a problem, early intervention is key.  She may just be a late bloomer but since there are no medicines, and no pain, and no money from your part I don't see why a wait and see approach is good.  they will give you a ton of ways to help her.  If there is no problem than she'll just have fun playing with the therapist like my daughter does and you can withdraw her from the program.