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Re: 4 y/o developing hitting / manipulation problems

Thanks. That's a good point re: the immediacy of punishment. I'd been thinking about the same thing and that denying her the zoo two weeks into the future wouldn't be a good idea. 


The hitting is always the result of tantrums involving her younger sister that just escalate. I'd say they typically begin when they're in the room together (i.e., unsupervised), but it's tough to keep an eye on them in the house for all minutes that they're awake. Not sharing, not getting something the moment she wants it, etc., are among the scenarios that cause this. 


I think she may be a bit jealous. Her younger sister requires more attention getting dressed, filling up a cup of water, etc., and I think she sees her parents spending more time with her sister than with her, and it may not sit well with her. We're planning on trying to spend more one-on-one time with her so that she understands that she's loved just as much.