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Re: 4 y/o developing hitting / manipulation problems
You say that you take toys away as a form of punishment, but you also state in the same paragraph that she gets her way after apologizing. My first thought would be to have her toys be off limits for longer periods of time.

As for the zoo thing, I have always had better luck when restrictions have more immediacy to them. Let's say your daughter does great for the next two weeks with no outbursts or hitting. Then when zoo day comes along and she then remembers she isn't allowed to go she will be quite upset about being punished for what happened, in her mind, ages ago. I would stick to taking away privileges immediately, then continue the restriction for a few days if it's warranted.

But more importantly, why is she acting out in the first place? Is she randomly running up to her sister and hitting her without provocation? Or is this an escalation from rough housing? If there are signs that you can see before she hits her sister, try to stop it before it even gets to that level.

On a side note, our family gets gifts specifically to donate every year. I think it's a wonderful tradition to have and pass on to your daughters.
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