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Picky Eater- by picky I mean…..

My almost 4 year old son is beyond picky..... he even stumps his doctor.  He has never been very 'adventurous' with food, from 1-2 he ate mac and cheese and hot dogs like most kids, sometimes ravioli.  Then from 2-3 he stopped with the hot dogs and mac and cheese and it became grilled cheese, pizza and breaded chicken patty's/ nuggets and on occassion Chicken Parm.  Well now from 3-4 he still won't try anything new (no loner will eat the chicken parm though), no matter how fun we make it, or if we're eating it. When he was about 1 we started giving him carnation instant breakfast, because he wasn't getting all he needed from the food he DID eat, and would (I'm not joking) starve himself- literally if he didn't get the only foods on his "like" list. 


I have an almost 14 year old who has always loved fruits and veggies, as do I, so it's hard for me to understand why he won't even try anything- not even french fries and/or catsup!!!


So I am curious if there's anyone else out there who has had the same issue, but managed to find a way to expand their child's willingness to at least try, and maybe have some suggestions?   I think he'd be a much happier little man if he broadened his horizons a bit, so I'm game for trying new approaches.


*Before I get the 'stop the milk' posts... we tried that and even his Dr said not to as of right now- just had to put that out there.


Thanks :smileyhappy: