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Re: Bedtime troubles
This is what I did when my child invited herself in my bed: walked around the house & said Good Night to everyone & pets & stars/moon. Read 3 books her choice. Turned on cloud b ladybug to color of choice. Had 5mins snuggle time. I told her I would check on her in 5 mins then after a week I made it 10mins. Then I left the room.I had to set a timer to make sure I checked on her. If awake I came back after 10mins. Also I told her what I do while she sleeps b4 I go to bed. I made it sound boring. Cleaning or prepare for next day.etc be honest. Also the books Llama Llama red pajama , tell me something happy before I go to sleep helped a lot. Good luck. Oh and fisher price nature sounds cd. Just be paticent & consistent.
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