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Re: Am I doing something wrong?
Children around this age begin to really be aware of their own desires. In turn, they often rebel against the person they see as the enforcer of rules. This is typically the mother or parent with whom they spend the most time. By refusing to do what you are asking she is exercising her ability to make her own choices. Imagine if there was someone around you who was always telling you what you should eat or wear or when it was time to leave the house or go to bed. Children are people and much of their existence involves being told what to do. Often the solution can be as simple as giving them choices. Let her pick between two outfits you lay out in the bed. Let her decide if she bathes before dinner or after. Anywhere where an option can be given, give one, instead of just telling her how it is. Also, try and say "yes" more. Often when our children want to do something that doesn't fit with outlet schedule we instinctively tell them no. But sometimes it really wouldn't be so harmful to say yes. Maybe it wasn't the plan to stop at the park on the way home, but I guess we can spare ten minutes. It's not always easy or possible to give our children what they want, and we tend to think that setting limits is key, but sometimes it's the feeling of hearing "no" so often that makes kids unwilling to do what we ask.
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