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Re: Daddy is going away for a year

Dear Redfoxemporium,


  My father left for 12 months when I was 7 - not exactly toddler, but young enough that it left a big impact on me. This is how I would pose the issue:

1) Have Daddy tell her that he loves her a lot, but that he has to go away for a year to do something very important. And that he is doing it so that he can spend lots of time in the future with her

2) Tell her that he will work on getting her a really nice present when he comes home

3) Ask her what she would like to do before daddy leaves, what she thinks will be "special" for her and daddy, and then make sure its just the two of them that do it, and document it with pictures and video that she can keep with her.

4) Give her something special before he leaves, and tell her that everytime she misses daddy, to look at or touch or play with that special thing

5) Make sure they facetime or Skype every week.

6) Talk to her about Daddy and what he is doing that is so important and keep talking to her frequently during his absence. 


Best of luck. She will be sad, but I do think that talking to her about it will help!