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I have a four year old granddaughter that is similar to your son- Don't be quick to put that label on him ADHD- having worked with children for some thirty odd years - first as a single parent of three and then a preschool teacher /special education - I find this behavior normal- to an extent- except when its out in public and it's embarrassing the ' -ell' out of you. Never threaten the child with swapping when we get home or out of here',etc because your primary concern should be the child's safety. Leave immediately the store/restaurant wherever you happen to be and explain to the child ( cause they will ask what your are doing) very calmly and briefly-explain What were the expectations of them(child) were to be in the store and what they did not do correctly - for you having to cut short your visit /departing the establishment. As you mentioned of your sons understanding of vocabulary -Talk to the child they will learn what is expected of them when going out - forfeit trips out to the stores for a while and/ remind the child(ren) before going out of what is expected of them - After all goes well- compliment their good behavior and also heed the other reply in this chat - bring snacks for the children- apples slices ,books to entertain them- juice boxes. - Give them love and understanding of what you want from them- Loud and clear- Children are very intelligent. Good luck