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Daddy is going away for a year



My boyfriend and I have been together for about 3.5 years now. He has a 4.5 year old daughter from a pervious relationship that went sour. Although my boyfriend does not have sole custody of her, we see her regularly and I have a wonderful relationship with her. My boyfriend is currently a sous chef, and has made the decision to attend a very prestigious culinary program out of state for 13 months; he will be leaving in the beginning of January.


I have been doing a lot of research on how we should discuss this with her, books to read to her, etc. But everything I am finding is more applicaple to dads who have permanently left the family, or dads who have been deployed. I am wondering if anyone has any experience on fathers leaving temporarily. I have found some information on fathers being deployed to be helpful, but I guess I'm looking for advice which relates more to our situation.


She will have opportunities to visit him, and he will visit as often as he can. I will make sure they are able to skype with eachother etc, to make it easier on them. But I just don't know how we should go about discussing this with her. I know it is inevitable for her to feel anxious, I just want to make sure she knows she's not being abandoned.


Thank you so, so, much in advance!