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Re: Am I doing something wrong?

I've been in that situation before. I was told that it's easier to take care of someone else's kid than your own. Your daughter is most comfortable with you so you will see her worst side more often than others will. When my daughter was 2, she went to day care. When I went to pick her up, her energy skyrocketed and then crashed leaving her in meltdown until she was fed dinner. It was a disaster. I think it's the time of day honestly. Maybe if you can make meal times quicker and give her something t oplay wit that you know she'll love so she's distracted, maybe you'll see more smiles from her. Also, don't over look what is happening at daycare. If she is uncomfortable there or scared, she's more likely to behave for them out of fear. I didn't see it at first but my daughter was ver y uncomfortable at the daycare I choose. I still don't know 100% why and I'm hoping it is was nothing actually bad but keep other options available. I eventually took her out (for various reasons) and our schedule changed...things got better but then she had other issues come up.