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Major Potty training relapse turned resistant!

I feel your frustration!  My 3 year old son was doing ok (rare #2 in potty but getting there)until we went on vacation.  We went to a camp where he for the first time did morning sessions for "little braves" away from us.  He did not like that we were not with him but we considered it dress rehearsal for his Pre-K class that started in 2 weeks.  Well that went badly.  He would pee for me but had a lot of accidents while with the group.  Oh and we had to pull him from Pre-K after 4 days of me going in to change him with an average 2-3 accidents a day.  They are holding a spot for him but it is not looking good.  We tried a bare bottom reboot weekend and he did ok but over the following week regressed again.  He has since become completely  reisistant.  The resistent behavior has escalated to him telling me not yet, don't change me and having a wrestling match to change him.  Sometimes I can find the right buzz words to get him to agree but it is a moving target.  He never really cared much that he was wet or pooped. So no he is back in pull ups full-time.  And we do not talk about the potty at all.  I say when I am going but according to all resistent advice I never ask him.  We have had the occasional pee just before bath time but zip otherwise.  At what point do we do the whole boot camp again or do I wait til he tells me?  I have to get him in to some pre-k somewhere else that will do changes. (expensive in Boston!) [Boy do I wish we lived in CT hwere PreK can no longer turn away kids because of potty training... is now considered discrimination... and I agree! ]