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Re: The spank debate...

Hello, My name is Scott and Yes, I do spank. I only do so as a last resort when a firm talk or a time out session does not work. I bring my boys up the same as I was. My wife is not a spanker, but she will only as a last resort. You and your Hubby need to be on the same page about this. You should spank ONLY as a last resort. My wife cries when she has to spank our children because it breaks her heart. I understand this all too well. So be tough about it. Do not let them see you cry when you do have to spank, and by all means when it is over and done with, make sure they understand why you had too. It only take 3 short pops, and it does not have to hurt to get them to understand what they did wrong to get to that point. The sound alone or even just the gesture of a spanking works very well. Finally, By All Means........ NEVER EVER spank out of Anger!!!! That is when abuse becomes evident..... I hope I have been of some help.