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Re: The spank debate...
I agree, like I said we very rarely have used spanking and only if all else fails. I believe there are a lot more extremely effective forms of discipline to use before spanking :-) I also agree with using more positive reinforcement and reward positive behaviors to prevent negative behaviors. Kids are curious, it's in their nature, so I know you can't prevent everything :-)

In regards to the rule of thumb statement, it happens to be a coincidence that it was used in this topic, there are lots of phrases that meant bad things in older times that people use on a regular basis and don't use it for the original meaning of the phrase. I don't consider spanking Corporal Punishment because I don't agree with spanking to cause pain, it's not supposed to hurt. If I feel like it were to coming down to spanking one of my kids it's used to get their attention never, ever, ever hard enough to inflict pain. I grew up on both sides of the fence in regards to spanking so I definitely disagree with doing ANYTHING that causes pain to a child.

Aaaanyways I hope the original poster and your husband are coming closer to a mutual agreement! Well wishes!
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