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Re: My daughter hasn't started to talk, please help me find a way to get her to talk

I would bring it up to your doctor. She could be a late bloomer and start talking a TON in a few months (lots of kids do) but she might also need some extra help beyond what you can give her. Depending on your area, there are public options through the school districts (some districts and areas obviously have better funding/ programs) and if the doc puts a referral in for your kid they can go on the waitlist and go into ECEAP or other speech therapies, etc through and typically it's at NO cost to you. I have several friends who took this route- one kid just wasn't talking much and needed speech therapy, the other one has fairly significant delays/ aspergers. If your kid is a late bloomer and starts talking up a storm in a few months, you can always pull them off the waitlist, but if she still isn't talking you'll save yourself time having her put on the list sooner.