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Re: My daughter hasn't started to talk, please help me find a way to get her to talk
Mandy, you are not alone . One of my twin boy said his first word at 8 months and is quite some talker by age 2. But his brother didn't utter a word till they were 2. I tried seeking for help but the doctor friend of mine said there was nothing really wrong with him since he could hear perfectly and can sing his nursery rhymes. She believes he will do the main talking when he is ready. But just like every mum I do worry about him of cos. They will be 3 by the end of this month and am worried the talking progress is slow though he can now count up to 20 and recite the Alphabets but am still worried at his progress so I'm thinking of seeking a professional help just to be certain everything is ok. I think you should do same. Best of lucks honey.
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