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Re: New stay-at-home mom struggling with issues with husband - need advice

Oh..and my hubby has been so supportive of my whole staying at home now, that he is letting me stay at home until July (i was supposed to return to work in October 2013, then he said January 14' , then he said "heck, you might as well stay home til you finish your degree..I think it'll be easier for you that way"). when I graduate with my two year degree. We are also thinking of TTC again in May-June sometime.. if so, i'll be considered high risk pregnancy due to having a LEEP in december for stage 0 cervical cancer.. so theres a possibility id be staying at home longer. The fact that he's willing to do that for so long for his amazing to me. Sometimes the men are fishing for compliments through the nasty remarks... they just dont want to come right out and say "HEY I JUST WANT YOU TO SAY YOU ARE PROUD OF ME AND THANK YOU FOR WORKING SO HARD!' because, you know... thats not manly.. LOL.


I hope thats helped you out some sweetie

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