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Pissed off STAHM...

BIL's girlfriend has told several of her family members and My sister in law (My brothers wife) That I Don't take care of my kids AT ALL and that My hubby does everything,I am beyond pissed, she and I have never got along together,because she wanted all the attention from my inlaws on her and her Daughter,well she got that,because they spoil her daughter rotten and not OUR kids,she lives with the inlaws and they said she is the laziest person they know,she doesn't clean or watch her daughter half the time..grr I am just so mad. I 

can't stand her,Reason why i barley go over to inlaws to visit....I'm so tired of her thinking that she is BETTER than me!! she thinks that her daughter is BETTER and PRETTIER than mine,it's so annoying!!! Oh and she told MIL that she never said that,and She actually believes her,because them two are like best friends.