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New stay-at-home mom struggling with issues with husband - need advice
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Okay ladies...I need some advice. I am a new mom to the sweetest little boy born September 1st. I know that it is always a difficult transition for parents but my husband and I are starting to have issues and I am not sure what to do. I find myself starting to wonder if it would be better if I were a single parent. I do not want my son (who is so mellow and relaxed) ending up a stressed out, on edge child because his parents are always fighting.

My husband doesn't understand why I am not sometimes not dressed and put together when he gets home from work. He makes me feel guilty for not working (even though my income was very small when I was working prior to maternity leave) and makes me feel like I am not contributing, even though I spend every day taking care of our son (breastfeeding every few hours), our home, etc. When my son is napping I clean the house, take care of our three pets, run errands, handle our finances/pay bills, prepare meals, try to make myself presentable and even attend new mom support groups a couple times a week in order to socialize our son. My husband does not help out around the house at all and even when he gets home from work doesn't offer to take our son or give me a break at all. He makes me feel like I do nothing. When I am upset he asks me what is wrong and when I tell him, he says, "It's no big deal."

Did you deal with these issues? If you have any advice?
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