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Re: new stay at home mommy needs advice from the pros


  I have been a SAHM since my son was born three years ago, and now we also have a little girl on the way set to debut in February. This August my son started Pre-K (he has an IEP because of a speech delay, so he got to go to pre-k a year early in an effort to improve his speech before he actually "HAS" to be in school), and I have gone back to school myself, so I have a little less time than normal, but my system helps me keep things pretty tidy. Well, at least I don't tell people to bring their own hazmat suits! Lol. When Julian (my son) was home I would try to get him involved in the chores (ie. I would spray the "windex" on the glass door and hand him a wash cloth, or have a "race" to see who could clean up the most toys in a specified time) but what really saved me was a "cleaning calendar" I found on pintrest.  I tweaked it to fit my house since the only dishwasher I have are the two attched to my wrist, and I moved my "chore of the day" from "Night Time" and instead do it during Julian's "nap time".