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Re: new stay at home mommy needs advice from the pros
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Involve them whenever possible! It will be frustrating as everything you do will take you 10x longer, and will take time, but once they get the hang of it, your chores will become fun for them! My 16 month old helps me clean every day.


Squirt bottles (with water in them) and unused sponges are great while you're dusting, or cleaning the counters.

Let them try out the vacuum, and push around the mop and broom. I used to vacuum with my newborn sleeping soundly in a baby backpack! Those were his best naps!

Tidy up the bathroom while they're busy in the tub.

Have them help with laundry. My lil guy thinks it's funny to heave the clothes out of the dryer. Little does he know it's a huge help because he can reach in there a lot easier than I can, being 8 months pregnant!!

Make a game out of picking up toys. They'd much rather think they're shooting hoops, or running a relay race than doing work! Pretend to put their stuff away while they're watching, but put it out of reach. When they give you a hard time about hiding all their toys on the fridge, or in the top cabinets have them "show you" where it all goes.  It just takes a little encouragement from there for them to start doing it themselves so that Mom doesn't hide stuff!

If they can't help you cook, and won't stay out of the way, save tv or other attention grabbers for that time.

Pretty much the only thing I can't do with a toddler running around is load the dishwasher because he climbs in it and throws everything right back out! I do that while he's eating (strapped in his booster).

If you still have nap time in your house, take full advantage of it before the baby is born! You'll find chores that you just can't get done with the kids around, so do it then.
Most importantly...... cut yourself some slack!!!!!!!! With 3 children +1 on the way, your house will not always be spotless! It's not possible, and it's ok!

One more tip: Do not reward them for doing chores!! If you give them candy, or allowance it will teach them that they don't "have to" do anything without compensation. Dangerous consequences in the long run!! Usually making you happy, and a big pat on the back are enough for kids that young!!