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Re: new stay at home mommy needs advice from the pros

I been a SAHM since my daughter was born..shes 4...shes my only right now,but heres a few things i learned while being at home with her...


MEAL PLAN...if your worried about cooking meals while juggling kids...meal plan! after they are all in bed..sit down,get a piece of paper and bust out cook books or your computer and meal plan...i normally do 2 weeks at a time..sometimes if im feeling crazy or on a roll i do a whole MONTH at a time :smileytongue:...but doing 1 week at a time is good too! to make it easier,find meals that you can use the same ingrediants! you'll buy less(which means less errands with kids) and you can even use some of the left overs for other meals...sometimes on monday i will crockpot a whole chicken..then we'll have various chicken recipes for the rest of the week :smileyhappy: since i meal plan im able to see what we ate the week before so we dont repeat...nothing i hate more then eating the same thing in a month..lol..im the picky one in the fam lol


CLEANING by room by hour or day...dont try to keep the whole place clean every day..its not possible!..but it doesnt mean to not clean either lol...now that my daughter is in preK(only for 3 hours) it gives me alittle more time to throw a few loads of laundry in and clean up a few of our rooms (living/dining/kitchen,etc)

but before she went to preK she would play in her room while i would clean a room(living/dining/kitchen/bathroom..whatever needed it the most)..i told her she needed to play in her room for a hour or so while i cleaned...she got used to this rutine on a daily bases so it got easier to clean the house with her in it.....if things get real crazy and she wont stay in her room i bust out my old Iphone..which i loaded with apps and games for her..lol..its my "emergancy" back up..lol


either which..take it day by day and see what works for you and your new growing family...its all different for everyone:smileyhappy: