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Re: New Mommy Needs Advice ASAP!
For the first year of my first daughter's life, she wouldn't sleep for more than 30 minutes. I think I saw it on Oprah? Maybe? Anyway, it was the Sleep Lady. I got her book, "Goodnight Sleep Tight, The Sleep Lady's Guide..." And followed it to the letter! After a week and a half of following the book, my one year old was sleeping 7 pm to 7 am plus three good naps during the day. The book is more than just sleep. She discusses how important schedules are to children of every age, including when they eat. And if you look at it, it's a fairly thick book, but the first few pages are for everyone to read and explain her and the technique, etc, and then you skip to the section for the age of the child. You don't actually read the WHOLE book. There's also a section on adult sleeping.
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