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Re: new stay at home mommy needs advice from the pros

Great ideas from Christine but I have to add that it just won't happen some days:smileyhappy:


I used to be as uptight as anyone could be when it came to having the laundry done, the beds made, the kitchen clean, you name it, it had to be clean and organized and tidy!


That all worked out really well while I had two kids. I even had dinner ready most nights. Fast forward to kid number three and something just had to give!


My kids are now 3, 7 and 9 and I am back on top of my game after a few years of givcing in to the madness.


I'm not saying that you have to throw in the towel, I'm just saying that you can only do what you can do :smileyhappy:

You will be fine and learn what works for you and your family.


I'm not into child labor, but let me tell you 9 year old folds laundry and puts it away. I don't pay her, but she knows that when the house is clean, we can go do fun stuff. I don't mess around, if the house is clean, I get everyone out of it so it stays that way :smileyhappy:


Congratulations on your growing family and your new job of being a stay at home mom :smileyhappy: