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Re: Summer Time is Bittersweet
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Sounds wonderful Tammy! Can we come stay at your house this summer? I'm home with 3 kiddos this summer. I wasn't sure what it would hold for us at first but so far we are having loads of fun. My 2 boys go to a PE program MWF mornings at the baseball academy they attend and they love it. This gives me and my daughter some time just the two of us. When the boys get home, we all go swimming, have lunch together and kind of fly by the seat of our pants from that point :smileyhappy:.  I am loving summer.  Suprisingly I am getting so much more done at home than I do when they aren't here!  I think it's because I'm not playing chauffer and having to leave every few hours to pick up a preschooler, then pick up the boys, etc. Yay for Summer!  Ask me how I feel again in about a month...LOL!

~ Christine ~
Mom to a sweet little girl and 2 busy boys
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