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Re: new stay at home mommy needs advice from the pros

Hi!  I've been a sahm working from home for 9 years now.  I have a 9 year old boy, 5 year old girl and now 9 year old stepson :smileyhappy:


My trick for getting housework done is coming up with activites to keep them busy in spurts.  I admit, it was much harder when they were younger but now the boys pretty much entertain themself.  The 5 year old...not so much!  If it's a nice day out, I'll take her outside for a while to wear her out a bit then when we come in, she plays with her toys, reads books, etc. while I do chores. Or I will get her going on a craft in the kitchen while I'm doing dishes.  I do alot during her naptime.  She's special needs in many ways so she still naps everyday.  I love nap time lol.  You can try to find ways to include them in your chores and make it fun.  A chore/reward chart will help with that.  Crafts are fun, outdoor stuff like a baby pool with toys in it can be fun.  I'm drawing a blank on what all we do but I'll keep thinking on it. :smileyhappy:

~ Christine ~
Mom to a sweet little girl and 2 busy boys
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