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Re: What do you do during the day to stay sane?

Girl, I know what you are going through!  First off, you know that song "Mr. Mom"?  Sometimes I think many Dads might need to experience that once or twice to truly appreciate what we do as SAHM's lol.  When my son was younger, I joined MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) here in my town.  They had meetings once a month and official scheduled playdates/outings once a month.  But, once I met many other SAHM's we would get together much more often than that.  I was reluctant at first leaving my son with the church nursery while we met once a month but he grew to love it and it was 2 hours of kid-free sanity time with other Moms.  Food, fellowship, laughs etc. I even ended up meeting my best friend there and here we are 9 years later.  That would be one of my suggestions.  The other is to try and find any alone time you can.  Maybe it's during her nap.  Do you what, craft, exercise, watch tv, play on (lol) or anything that just relaxes you and makes you feel more like yourself.  I live in the South so I feel your pain of the heat and doing outside activites with young ones.  Do any of your malls have indoor play areas?  Ours does and it's free and the kids used to love to go there. Hope this helps! :smileywink:

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