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What do you do during the day to stay sane?

Hello everyone!


I used to take care of children for 7 years (my first and only job i've ever had, started at age 17!) before I got pregnant with DD, and then quit my job to be a SAHM until she turns 14 months in January 2014. I am also a college student, which staying at home now I thought would make doing homework and assignments easier, but MAN was I wrong.

My DD is 8 months and super active and has been since birth, very alert and curious about the world around her. We usually go outside when she gets super fussy, because she loves to look at everything. And she loves our dogs too, so usually when she isnt chasing them all over the apartment, we take her outside with them so all of us are out of the house. However, I live in Florida and anyone who lives here knows that the weather here during the summer is either sweltering heat and humidity and 100+ heat index most days or its raining and thunderstorming. Either of which, do not make for fun times with baby.


We do go swimming at our pool, but layla isnt that fond of that so we arent out long.


What do you do to entertain your LO when you can't get outside? And what do you do to keep your own sanity when all else fails and you are beyond stressed? Sometimes I feel absolutely alone, and my husband thinks that what I do here at the house is a cake walk..when in reality, its difficult. He has no idea..don't get me wrong, he is a wonderful father; just clueless on what an everyday by yourself with baby routine is really like.

I guess im looking more for input on how do you other SAHM's keep your sanity! :smileyhappy:

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