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Summer Time is Bittersweet

I find myself almost as excited as the kids as the last day of school approaches. I think of the endless days we will spend lake front at beautiful Lake Tahoe and I can hardly stand the thought of making my kids attend the last week of school that is filled with field trips, games and things that require my active participation. I don't like pleading with the teachers to allow my 3 year old to tag along with all the third graders in order for me to take part in my older children's activities.


At last, summer is here! Good bye rules and H-E-L-L-O vacation. Well, this year it's a stay-cation for us. Wait a minute....rewind! What in the world was I thinking? Three long months of hot weather, no plans to go anywhere and three active kids that have a mom that made no summer plans....Yikes!


Lucky for me I am a quick witted mom that would rather fly by the seat of her pants than sit around and listen to kids fight over who was sitting where. The kids love it when I tell them they never know what tomorrow holds. They wake up to a new fishing pole and a can of worms and we are out of the house before they wipe the sleep out of their eyes for what could be the summers greatest adventure.


Bittersweet because I have had to kiss my me time good bye, but when I look at the smiles on those three little faces I gladly exchange my me time for we time. I am loving the time we spend together.

I blew it this year by not making plans but I won't blow making memories.


Happy summer everyone!