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Re: Baby Names
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Well I have picked out Zayden Dominic as my lil man's name... But the baby's dad's family has some sort of tradition where all the boys born have to be named with an "R", but honestly, I am not 100% sure he is the daddy, so I don't want to go and give him a name that starts with that and then have him not even be the daddy... I know that sounds horrible but I broke up with my one boyfriend i was living with at the time and almost immediately started seeing another guy and now I am having a little one.  So its an issue, not being 100% certain who the daddy is, its soooo embarassing and messes with your head on things like this... But if I have to pick a name that begins with R, I have either Ryder or Rylan picked out... but I really want to stick with Dominic for the middle name!