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Re: My 5 year old daughter will NOT sleep in her own bed... HELP!
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My daughter did the same thing...we had the bedtime fairy (tooth fairy's sister) come and leave notecards with a count of how many days she had slept in her own bed. Once she had gone 45 days, she got a gift. Sometimes she got a little thing from like Target's dollar bin and stuff, but she loved it. She's 8 now and in her own bed! It was a fun incentive. Yes, there were nights where she cried, and flipped, but most nights she was anxious to see what was going to be under her pillow the next morning. All the while I encouraged her as well. I was making cards every night...but I had fun with it! Lots of fairy dust (ultra fine glitter). It's everywhere now luck!  IMG_3444.JPGIMG_3450.JPGIMG_3448.JPGIMG_3445.JPG