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Re: My 6 yr old son is potty trained, but is having daily accidents lately

First, you are not alone. I have a friend whos 7 year old son does the same thing. He is aware that it isn't acceptable and will hide out, change his pants and throw the wet ones in the laundry. I'm not sure what to think about it.


Maybe he just needs to be gently reminded that he is to use the toilet? Don't show anger about it, just talk to him and see if he knows why he is doing it. Let him know that if it continues you will be taking him to the doctor so you have some help figuring out why this is happening.


Maybe use reward chart? Understand that you need to give him the tools to succeed and he should be rewarded for using his tools, even if he still has accidents. An example would be to set a timer for every half hour and he has to try and pee. If he does that and still has an accident, he still gets rewarded because he tried. Rewards should be daily, at the end of the day he gets to pick a game or a puzzle that you will do with him or he gets 15 minutes of wii time.


I hope that helps a little.