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Re: Daughter going to high school

I totally understand what you are saying! I remeber a friend getting a phone in her room and what a big deal it was. That was in 10th grade :smileyhappy:


Social media is a tough one. My feeling is that if it can't be monitored by you, then it shouldn't be an option. I think of safety issues. Can a phone (used responsibly) help keep my child safe=yes.  Can facebook help keep my child safe=no. Thats just my opinion.


I used to be 100% against my children having cell phones. I'm still not ready for them to have one, I think they are too young at 3,7 and 9. I do think it's important for them to know how to use one though. I talked with my mom about this issue because she is a teacher and she sees it all. She said that these times are so different than when you and I were kids. A phone could save a life or help when someone is in trouble so she thinks at middle school ages kids should have a cell phone with limited functions.


The way I see it is that I can't mess my child up any more than my mom messed me up :smileyhappy: