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Re: The "talk"...
Hi Christine,
I was just having this conversation with a friend who has 2 boys ages 9 and 11 and having the same questions you are. She said that she has initiated some conversation with her 11 year old by asking him if he has any questions about girls, "girlfriends" etc... And at first he was mortified that she even mentioned it but he has now started asking questions here and there so she can kinda tell where his head is at and when it might be appropriate to share the more touchy stuff. I definitely don't agree with the other person who replied saying that we should basically talk to our kids at any age and hold nothing back, I think you have to protect your kids and let themBE kids as long as possible. I have a 6 year old girl so I'm not going through this:smileyhappy: but just wanted to share what my friend mentioned about how she periodically asks him if he has any questions until she thinks he's ready, it's sure a hard topic and I'm certainly not looking forward to it:smileyhappy: good luck!!!
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