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Re: The "talk"...

I don't believe you should judge a parent based on something you saw that you judge as wrong! Everyone was taught differently, and so all of our opinions differ when it comes to "whats right and what's wrong", jennifer. If I was "Victorian" in my views (whatever the hell that even means!) I'd be pretty offended by your comments. Just saying.. I know we all have our opinions, but I almost felt like you were degrading Christine for her choices as a parent and thats not what this community is for. Just saying. This community is designed to help others, and uplift and help.. not make her feel bad for her decisions. I have left communities for that reason. Please, please, please reread your posts before posting and think about it those comments could be misconstrewed. :smileyhappy:


Christine: I believe you should let your heart do the deciding here. Every child is different. You can't say that all 8 year olds "need the talk" because some 8 year olds have no interest in it and aren't even mature enough to handle it. Then you have some 8 year olds who are wise and more mature for their years and who could handle that type of conversation. If you feel like your children are getting curious about sex or are hearing things, then maybe it is time to have a talk with them. You are the one who knows your children best. You could also give an age apropriate discussion for now, and in a few years, give a more detailed one.

My step son is 15, and his mom lives 5 hours away and we aren't sure if hes had the talk yet. We are having it this weekend. Im pretty sure by now hes figured out that sex can make a baby.. seeing as I just had his sister a year and a half ago and hes pretty smart. Honestly though hes been pretty sheletered most of his life and Im not sure having a talk when he was 9 would have been real effective.

My mom had the talk with me at 9, but then reiterated it again in more adult terms at 14. It stuck more at 14 than 9. Just saying.

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