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Re: The "talk"...
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I know I am joining the party late, but this is an interesting and informative topic. I have a 5 1/2 yr old girl and a 2 1/2 yr old boy. I had my son a month before my daughter turned 3. She eventually asked how her brother got out and we simply told her that when mommy went to the hospital the doctors helped get her brother out. Since she has gotten older she has also asked how her brother got in my belly. I feel that sort of thing is not appropriate to discuss at her age and I told her that it was something I could tell her more about when she got older. She also has seen me buy and grab feminine products and asked what they are for and I told her it was something grown woman have to use sometimes and I would explain more to her when she was older. All of these answers have appeased her for now and I fully intend to explain everything at the age I think is appropriate. When she was around 3.5 or maybe 4, I spoke to her several times (to make sure it stuck) about what "private parts" were and that any area that was a private part (covered by underwear and her "ninnies") was only to be looked at or touched by a doctor when mom or dad was present or by mom or dad during bathing, dressing, or if she says something hurts or is itchy. She has never forgotten that lesson and I am happy I taught it to her.


Recently, I made the decison to teach both of my children the "techinal terms" of their genitals. The 2 yr old was able to pronounce his just fine, my daughter...well, it is a funny word and she has trouble remembering it. She also giggles and thinks "booty" is a funny word...but she's 5. The two have them have taken countless baths together and know that boys and girls are different. I have a friend who won't even let her daughters (4 & 2) see her change her infant son's diaper b/c she is not ready to have that conversation, which I think is a bit extreme, but, as we all are, she is entitled to her own opinions and ideas on how to raise her kids.


There was a quote in a book said by a father to his daughte rwhen she asked about something sexual she overheard that really struck a chord with me. I don't have the book on hand, however it was something along the lines of "See how heavy this suitcase is that I am carrying? It is too heavy for you as you are a child. This is why I carry it for you, because it is too heavy for you. Some knowledge is the same as this suitcase. Right now it is too heavy for you, so I will carry this knowledge for you until you are big enough to carry the burden youself."