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Hello parents,
I'm a relatively young piano teacher (age 28). I have no children of my own and I was an only child, so my experience with youngsters is fairly limited. This has not been a problem in my teaching until this year. I've recebtly acquired two new students from different families (age 6 and 7). Let's start with student no. 1. She is incredibly shy but she has slowly been opening up to me. The first time we had a "test", she didn't pass and became incredibly upset. She broke out in tears, left the piano bench, and threw herself at her mother. She refused to continue the lesson, even after friendly coaxing from her mother and myself. The other day, she was having a rough lesson. I stopped her during playing to correct several mistakes ( which is my job) and I noticed she started whining and looking at her mother for sympathy. Her mother coaxed her to continue the lesson. Near the end of the lesson, she once again left the piano bench and began crying on her mom who started saying "aww" and trying to gently encourage her to finish the lesson. She didn't listen to my encouragement or instructions. What is going on here? I never did this during my lessons. If I had, my father would have sternly ordered me to get back on the piano bench and follow my teachers' instructions. If I had refused, there would have been punishment to follow for sure!

Child no. 2...she has some mental issues. She gets frustrated very easily. As she walks into my studio each week, I can easily predict the next sentence, "She's not in a very good today." She has a hard time staying still during lessons. She's always fidgeting. This, I can deal with. What I'm baffled at is that she talks back to me. I'll make a suggestion that she needs to play slower to lessen her mistakes. I'll tell her she's playing a song way too fast. She say, "No, I'm not! I'm not playing it too fast!" What am I missing here? I never spoke that way to my teachers when I was young. The thought never even occurred to me. When she talks back to me like this, I'm not sure how to respond besides kindly asking her to not argue with me since it's impolite. Once more, this child tears up at lessons for unnecessary reasons, her mom cuddles her and gently coaxes her to continue the lesson and is usually met with refusal. Why are these kida behaving this way? How can I stop it? More than that, what could these parents have done to avoid having such disrespectful children? I ask the last question because I do plan on having my own child some day. Sincere advice is greatly appreciated.
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