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Re: Teaching Responsibility for decisions
Just a little info how this happened to us and how we handled it. Around Christmas time we went on a family trip to a cold state park (camping/RVing), Stone Mountain, GA. We had our snow tubing time scheduled for 4pm. We got out of the car at 3:30 and had just enough time to get there. My daughter yells, "I don't have my jacket" (she had a lightweight cotton jacket on). Her daddy and I were not happy! So, our play time was for two hours, and she said she didn't need her we said ok. I know she had to be cold but continued to deny it. I can assure you she has not forgotten her jacket anymore...and guess what? She didn't get sick and she is still alive! She learned a lesson and it didn't hurt her one bit. Hope that puts it into perspective a little.
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