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Re: Teaching Responsibility for decisions

Teaching responsibility for choice is an ongoing issue.  We all have to account for our choices in ways we choose or ways other's choose FOR us.  I agree that at the age your child is and the whether situation, she must have something to keep her warm.  However, the accountability factor could be such that "because you didn't take the time to prepare your clothes in advance, I will give you an alternative choice:  You may wear this jacket today, but when you get home, I will need you to give me 30 minutes of extra study time."  That way she learns there are always consequences.  Teaching honor,integrity and taking responsibility for choice is difficult to teach consistently because we want to solve their problems.  BUT I learned of a great parenting program that seems to come with a built-in consistency factor and helps the parent teach just about any kind of behavior, social skill, and responsibility easily.  It is called:  The Happy Face Token System.  You get step-by-step tips on how to set family rules and create accountabilty in ways the child understands.  It helps the parent take charge in a positive and effective way that shows they mean what they say and the child learns self-motivation and wants to find ways to improve skills, talents and family relationships.  This family program is made for those looking to find JOY in the JOurney of parenthood with all kinds of ideas, charts and concepts.  Maybe something will click for you here 

http://foxholeparenting.com and http://happyfacetokens.com